Fashionista Friday: Blondie

So, I used to have super blonde hair, but then like anything else I wanted a change.  I went to a darker, blonde ombré look and I feel it went pretty well for the winter.  But I can smell Spring, literally, weeks before it shows it’s face.  I have a weird sixth sense that at some point in February or March every year I put my sniffer in the air and can tell Spring is on the way.  I’m away next week and I keep telling everyone when I get back it’s going to be Spring.  This has been met with eye rolling, but I just know.  I don’t know how I know, but I just do.  Spring temperatures are going to greet me on my return.

And with Spring I decided I was due for a change.  A pretty big change.  So I’m attempting to go ultra blond today.  My hair is going to hate me afterwards but I’ve promised to take care of it.

My favourite shampoo is the Goldwell Kerasilk.  Smells amazing and really repairs my hair after I colour it.  

My favourite finishing spray is the Rusk texture spray.  It has a hold to it, but feels like you don’t have hairspray in your hair.  Also, for waves it separates them (without it my waves clump together after about 5 minutes!).

What do you think of the final product?

Funny side note about the shirt I am wearing.  It’s from RW&Co, but the collar is only attached to the shirt at the back.  When I first saw this I thought: Why would they do that?!  So I sewed the front in. Then I realized they didn’t attach the front because when attached I couldn’t get my head through the neck hole.  So then I unsewed it (<– is that a word?), but the collar kept falling out the front.  At this point I took this shirt as a challenge.  I looked for some safety pins but couldn’t find any.  Then I found some body tape that I had received from my husband the first year he did my Christmas stocking (for that disaster story click here).  You are supposed to use the tape to secure plunging fabrics to your body so you don’t have any mishaps (because, you know, I have SO many plunging necklines in my wardrobe 😉 ).  Anyways, I took it out, taped the collar to my neck and now as long as I don’t make any sudden jerky movements it stays put all day long.  Problem solved.

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