Fashionista Friday: The Face Wand

For this week’s Fashionista Friday I have to rewind to Christmas. I love Christmas, and that is probably the understatement of a lifetime. I love the lights, carols, spending time with family. I also happen to LOVE receiving my stocking. Since I was a kid, my favorite gift on Christmas has always been my stocking. My mum would fill it with fun lip glosses, nail polish, books, rings or a piece of jewelry. It’s the thing I look forward to most on Christmas morning. When my husband got passed on the duty of my stocking, I think it was a little nerve wracking for him.

“What do you want in it?” he asked.

“Anything!” I replied. I love the surprise of the stocking, maybe that’s why it is my favorite thing. I like taking out all the little trinkets and trying them out.

The first year my husband did my stocking he went on “” and ordered everything.

Yep, you can imagine how that turned out.

The first thing I opened was a lipstick that you could write on the mirror with. When he saw my unimpressed face he commented, “Now you can leave me a note on the bathroom mirror.”

“Why would I ever do that?” I asked. “Then I would just have to clean it off.”

Another gem was a white plastic dome that you could put onto the side of anything hollow (pop can, box, garbage can, etc.) and it would turn into a speaker.

“Why would I stand next to a garbage can and listen to music?”

At the bottom of my stocking was a little pocket book: Urban Slang Dictionary.

“If young people can’t speak English, I don’t want to speak to them anyways!”

Needless to say it didn’t go down well.

After that first attempt, the hubby wised up and just walked around Shopper’s Drug Mart on Christmas Eve with all the other men and the world has returned to normal.

I tell you all of this, because my feature for this week’s Fashionista Friday is something I received in my stocking this year (and who doesn’t love a good backstory?).

My husband got me a Clinique face wand kit this year. It basically is like a big electric toothbrush for your face. You put a bit of foaming cleanser on it (it came with samples and I am still making my way through them, but you can use any facial cleanser you like), and run it over your face for thirty seconds.

Oh boy, does it ever make a difference. My skin feels so soft, and the undertone of pink in my skin on my t-zone has been reduced. I use it once a day in the evening and my skin feels fresh all throughout the next day as well. The charge on it last for about a month and then you plug it in for an hour or so and you are good to go for another month. It weighs next to nothing and comes with a cute travel pouch to take with you on holidays. The machine itself was $99.00, and I believe the replacement heads are around $20, but depending how aggressive you get with your face I would say the head should last you at least 3 months if not longer.

If you are thinking of getting one I would suggest even looking in your local department store (like the Bay or Sears) because they usually have a free gift with purchase for Clinique products. Or you can luck out like my husband did and get free movie tickets from Shopper’s Drug Mart with a Clinique purchase (can I get a woot, woot?)!

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