Fashionista Fridays: The WunderBrow

Every time I go on Facebook (which is far too often), I am constantly seeing “sponsored posts” of products Facebook has decided I would like. After much resistance on my part- meaning I held out for a grand total of five days before buying it- I splurged and bought the WunderBrow.

Haven’t heard of it, you say? Well, let me tell you, I am about to change your life.

I’m not a huge makeup person. I like makeup, but my routine pretty much consists of a bit of eye shadow and mascara. Foundation I wear to weddings or special events because a) I tend to break out if I have anything on my face for more then five minutes and b) it just seems like a lot of work to put it on every day. Recently, however, I had my makeup done for headshots and the makeup artist penciled in my eyebrows. I was unsure about it at the time, but once I saw a photo of myself I realized that a defined eyebrow actually does make a huge difference for my face. Maybe because I am very fair skinned, maybe because I have lighter hair- who knows? The point is it made a difference, at least to me it did.

Fast forward a few months and I see the Wunderbrow coming up on my Facebook feed all the time. Well, I had to try it, didn’t I? The Facebook gods were practically demanding it. So, I bought it, and the results are in:


I would call it a cross between a gel and a liquid liner, but then it dries to look like an eyebrow pencil (I don’t know how it does it, so don’t ask!). I don’t use the brush that it comes with because I attempt to have a light hand when applying and the thick brush tends to be too heavy. Instead, I use my angle brush I got in one of my IPSY bags (another post for another day, I’m sure), and apply it using that. It allows me to get thin short strokes in an attempt to get it to look natural. Yes, I want my gorgeous fake eyebrows to look like they are naturally sculpted to perfection. And it works! Don’t believe me? Well, see for yourself!  

You really should try it.  It cost me around $30 including tax and shipping and I reckon there is enough in the bottle for six months use.  It’s also waterproof and if you YouTube it, there is a woman pouring all sorts of liquid over her face to prove it (forget the product, it’s worth the search just to see what else she finds to pour all over her face- we’re talking juice, milk, I was waiting for someone to bring out the garden hose!). But word to the wise: really enunciate if you plan on talking about this with anyone.  My dad was on the phone with me when it arrived in the mail and he thought I said my Wonderbra had arrived, and I was going on about how excited I was to try it out!

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