If you write it…

Oh, what to write?

As some of you may know, the second book in the June Jenson series was released last week (insert shameless plug for the book including Amazon link <– Oh, would you look at that? 😉 ). I’m torn whether to continue with the flow and write the third and last installment in the series, or put it on the back burner and start a new book series. I think, in all honesty, my main reason for putting it off is I have fallen in love with the characters. I have some very hard decisions to make concerning the Professor, and even June herself, and I’m not ready to make them. I am not ready to say goodbye to my friends. Side note: I always planned for June Jenson to be a three book series, however if the fine people of Hollywood finally come to their senses and offer me a multimillion dollar film deal, I will consider extending the series. But, only if I get to meet Colin Firth. That stipulation is very important.

I know I want to write a Christmas book this year. I have it all mapped out in my head- it’s a simple matter of actually sitting down and typing it up (I make these simplistic statements because somehow it makes me feel better. Even though I know I am lying to myself about how simple it is, but for some reason my subconscious is comforted from the lies and chooses to believe them. To each their own!).

I also have a new series brewing in my head about struggling working mothers living in a town that caters to the rich and famous. Each book will have a new female protagonist, but they will all be connected by a “support group” they attend. I think it will be a lot of fun to write (and hopefully for you to read!).

Three books to write, and instead of sitting down at the computer and cracking on, I’ve spent the last two weeks internally debating which one to write first. Hopefully I will have a decision by next week’s post.

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