White Lies is featured on Readers’ Favorite!

White Lies is featured on Readers’ Favorite!

“White Lies was a very fun read, easily devoured in one sitting. You could see the growth Natalie goes through as she learns to be more honest and confident in her ideas and talents. She still remains cute, bubbly, and fun, like that best friend who knows all the good gossip.
Of course, Oliver is luscious though they don’t hit it off very well at first. However, unlike all of Natalie’s previous dates, he is able to see through the embellishments to the real her and the romance builds.
More than a romance, White Lies is a book about being true to yourself and following the path that’s right for you. It’s a book I could easily see becoming a fun summer movie, filled with lots of fantastic shoes. P.S. I don’t think she’ll be needing Johnny Depp anymore.” -Readers’ Favourite Review