It’s been a struggle.

Well, it has been a year since I published my last book, June Jenson and the Shield of Quell.  I have a sequel in the works (I am about 80 percent done, and if I am honest the last 20 percent is as much of a struggle as the first 80 was).  The book is good (you know, in my humble opinion), and I am not FORCING words to come out, it’s more forcing myself to sit in my chair and write it.  I desperately want to tell June’s story, and I am hoping that this will be a three-part series.  But let me tell you, I take my hat off to historical writers.  Especially historical fiction writers.  There is a lot of research that needs to go into a historical book, but then to really mess with the whole process I then have to weave fiction into what actually happened and make it sound believable (Dan Brown, I literally have no idea how you did it).  Having said that, I am enjoying the series.  I love the Professor.  I love all the characters, but he is definitely my favourite (don’t tell the others!), and once I get into the swing of things re:writing it comes out so naturally.  But then I have to do some “real life” things like laundry, kid’s soccer games and go to work and I can’t seem to get my butt back into that chair for weeks.

I am apart of a local writers group and I find it very helpful with the motivation and determination to get this done.  A) because I can’t really show up to the meetings without something written and B) talking about writing with people who are just as passionate about it as I am is very encouraging.  I now try to clear my mornings the week after my meetings while I am still in the “zone” and write my heart out.  Then for the next three weeks I get distracted until the next meeting and it all starts again!  Maybe one day I can be a writer full time and I will have to drag myself OUT of the chair (that’s exactly how that would work, right?).

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that June Jenson Book #2 (another problem is the book title, but I really can’t tackle it right now on top of everything else!) is on it’s way hopefully by the end of the summer.

I am hoping to release a traditional chick-lit Christmas book before the New Year as well so I really need to get on this!

More updates to come, I promise.

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