What A Weekend!

Well, I can honestly say I am exhausted! Thank you to everyone who have sent their well wishes and great reviews over the weekend for “White Lies”. I am getting so excited for the book signing on October 19th and look forward to meeting a lot of you for the first time.
I started the editing process for my second book that is due out in December and I think with all the excitement over the weekend my eyes are starting to go blurry. I hope to finalize the book blurb later this week which I will post for everyone.

Hope you have a lovely week and are looking forward to some turkey on the weekend!

P.S. Got my picture taken over the weekend for the promotional posters. It was wet, rainy and cold but I feel my dad did an excellent job once I showed him how to work an iPhone.


2 thoughts on “What A Weekend!

  1. Hey Emily! Well it took me three visits to figure out to click on that little zero or “O” and I could write a comment here! I know how excited you must be cause I just ordered my box of books for my novel, A Lesson in Revenge, and I don’t even have a book signing!! Looking forward to your book signing on the 19th. I announced this exciting event on my site, so that it will spark interest among my hundreds of avid blog readers and they will attend along with me. See you then. Dan

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