June Jenson and the King’s Lost Treasure

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Book Three in the June Jenson Series

June Jenson is famous, though not entirely for the reasons she’d hoped. She’s the co-host of Britain’s popular Blast From the Past archeological television show with her grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer’s and his old Oxford chum, Dr Cooke. Hanging out with two elderly men all day isn’t exactly what she’d dreamed of doing with her life but it pays the bills. Well, almost.
Plus, she’s under contract so really she doesn’t have a lot of choice in the matter.
It’s no wonder June jumps at the opportunity to travel to Egypt to chase down clues to the lost ring of King Solomon, a ring rumored to have divine powers and given to the King by God himself.
But Egypt poses more danger than she could have imagined – especially when a crooked artifacts dealer puts a bullseye on her forehead.
With the Egyptian mob after her, her grandfather wandering off at every opportunity, and her boyfriend Griffin trying to prevent them all from getting shot, June must choose between the two things she holds most dear: history and family.