So this just happened: And the stories continue!

Last week I shared one of my worst and best stories from the magical world of hairstyling (click here to read).  Don’t worry, they only keep getting better and better.

#8 (one of the worst, but kind of funny after the fact!)

I got a frantic call from a mother a few years ago, and she was in tears. Her one daughter had cut her other daughter’s hair (Side note: this happens ALL the time, and let me tell you, children CAN cut hair with craft scissors!). Anyways, I told the mom to bring her daughter in and we will do what we can. Ten minutes later they come in and it was even startling to me. In some spots this little girl had no hair left. She went from shoulder length hair everywhere to the worst mullet I’d seen. The poor mom was still in tears, the daughter was really upset about her hair and the other daughter, bless her, was crying and seemed like she was in a lot of trouble. I did what I could (which unfortunately wasn’t much), and we picked out some cute headbands that luckily made it seem like the little girl had just pulled her bangs back. It’s really all that could be done at that point. After everyone had a lollipop and the mom sat down for a bit, everyone was a little calmer. I turned and asked the older sister why she had decided to cut her younger sister’s hair instead of her own, and she looked up at me with such innocent eyes and said, “Well, I didn’t want to look like that.”

#7 (one of the best)

When I first opened my own salon a little boy came in the very first week for a haircut. To say he hated it was an understatement. He’s autistic so hands, combs and scissors being in close proximity to his face always upsets him. I have been cutting his hair for a few years now, sometimes taking up to an hour with a lot of patience and Smarties. Sometimes we cut his hair while he is walking around and I follow him getting a snip of hair whenever we can. Sometimes I cut his hair while we sit on the floor. Sometimes his haircut takes a few weeks to complete with multiple visits and cutting what we can. This week he came in, gave me a hug and sat down in the chair with his iPad. He sat still for the entire haircut, even chatted with me a little (which NEVER happens). His mom was blown away. I was blown away. It was humbling to see this boy have enough faith and trust in me to sit so comfortably still during something I know makes him very uncomfortable. Moments like this is why I do what I do.


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